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Crushers and shredders

Crushers and crushing and sorting complexesfeed size from 120 to 400 mm


FRAKMASTER-800 The complex fractionation of bulk materials

from 3 100 000 RUB
SMD-10 WADER rotary crusher

SMD-10 WADER rotary crusher Rotary crusher

from 920 000 RUB

Crushers and crushing and sorting complexes

Strong sedimentary rocks are indispensable for the production of building mixes and materials. But for processing and manufacturing of the final product, the raw material must be crushed to obtain a homogeneous fractional product. In this case, it is convenient to use crushing and installation complexes. These units are suitable for crushing not only hard rocks, but also for crushing construction debris, brick and blast furnace slag, which are also used in the production of mixtures and building materials.

The process includes several stages, such as crushing, distribution into fractions, fine grinding, adding additional components to adjust the composition. Each of these operations is performed on special machines. To make the production line continuous, it is more convenient to use complex crushing and sorting equipment.

The plant "TECHPRIBOR" offers to buy crushing and sorting complexes, as well as crushers for working with various solid materials. The equipment is manufactured in accordance with regulatory and technical requirements.

If you do not find crushing plants with the necessary characteristics in the offered assortment, our specialists will design and manufacture crushers and ready-made complexes to order. The complete set of the crushing complex directly depends on the properties of the processed material.

Equipment for grinding solid materials is used in road and highway construction, when laying railway tracks (crushed bricks, asphalt and crushed stone). The plants are suitable for grinding solid rocks, cement, as well as the production of ready-made building mixes, which are enriched with fine crushed stone, pebbles, non-metallic raw materials and sand.

Advantages of working with us:

To make it easier to choose suitable machines and complexes, we have created a training workshop-a training ground where working samples of equipment are presented. Using your raw materials, we can conduct a trial grinding, so that you can see how effective our machines are in operation.