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Disintegrators of coarse and medium grindingthe production of powders with a particle size of 0 - 0.2 mm


HORIZON - 380Z Disintegrator

from 549 000 RUB

Modern rotary disintegrators

The Techpribor plant is one of the leading enterprises in the field of production of shredding equipment in the territory of the Russian Federation. The team of our company works daily to improve such complex equipment as disintegrators, and also actively develops various types of shredders. Having our own production facilities allows us to effectively realize the potential of all our theoretical developments.

Cooperation with us is the key to your success

Buying our equipment, you get a perfect product from a technological point of view at an affordable price. The products of the plant "Techpribor" have a very wide range of applications. Our shredders can be adapted for processing various solid materials in order to obtain uniform powder compositions from them. The availability of several models of shredders in the assortment will allow you to choose the optimal version of the device.

At the moment, the plant "TECHPRIBOR" produces crushers shredders of the following models:

All of them have certain features and differ in key characteristics.

Technical features of some models

The TOR – 4500 grinding complex, on the basis of which the listed models of devices from this series are built, is used to give powder mixtures a uniform composition. The TOR – 4500 C+ FLOW modification can additionally add special additives, such as dyes or modifiers, to the mixture of the two components. Such a rotary disintegrator is indispensable in the production of fine mixtures and in the processing of previously crushed materials in order to increase their uniformity. You can purchase it for grinding marble, granite, gypsum and other solid compounds to give the resulting powders new properties (color, hydrophobicity, particularly fine fraction).

If this type of equipment is necessary for wet grinding of solid materials, we recommend paying attention to the industrial DMPC – HORIZON shredder. This unique device can perform one of several tasks without additional upgrades and act as the following units:

Special offers for new and regular customers

Powerful and highly reliable disintegrators are not all that the plant "Techpribor"can offer to its customers. Our company is one of the few in Russia that provides a unique trial grinding service, so that a potential client can see for himself how effectively the disintegrators we produce work. It is quite simple to order it: first, you send the raw materials that you plan to process on the selected machine to the factory. Our specialists grind it, conduct complete laboratory tests of the obtained powders and send it all to the client.

After purchasing the equipment, we send specialists to install it, start-up and train personnel so that you can effectively use the crushers. In the future, you will also not have to deal with planned repairs and maintenance of equipment: the plant "Techpribor" provides a full range of after-sales services and promptly solves any problems that arise during the operation of shredders.

If the price we set for the disintegrator seems too high for a one-time payment, we are ready to offer a program of sale in leasing. Our company divides the total purchase price into several parts,and you just need to make regular scheduled payments. Hundreds of our clients have used this method of transaction processing, and now each of them has already received a modern rotary disintegrator.

To buy a disintegrator or get any technical details about the purchased equipment, you can contact our managers right now by filling out the feedback form or by calling back at the contact phone number (499) 346-48-30.