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Disintegrator «HORIZON - 380Z» at a price from 549 000 RUB | Company «TECHPRIBOR» (Moscow)


Disintegrator  «HORIZON - 380Z»

Disintegrator HORIZON ® TU 3618-003-92992044-2012, model – HORIZON–380Z, is an impact-type grinding machine and it is intended for fine crushing and grinding of various materials with hardness of up to 5 points of Mohs scale at capacity of up to 5 m3/h.


549 000 RUB including VAT

Production time: 15 working day

Общие сведения

Disintegrator HORIZON® TU 3618-003-92992044-2012, model – HORIZON–380Z, is an impact-type grinding machine and it is intended for fine crushing and grinding of various materials with hardness of up to 5 points of Mohs scale at capacity of up to 5 m3/h.

The disintegrator of HORIZON - 380Z model is a two-rotor high-speed mill with horizontal drive shafts.

The disintegrator rotors are driven by individual electric motors, that allows to obtain high impact speeds of particles of milled materials at a relatively low rotational speed of each rotor. The patented design of wear-resistant rotors (unique rotor-impellers) provides a perfect balance of the grinding capacity of the disintegrator and an extended service life of its replaceable elements.

The powders produced by the disintegrator of HORIZON - 380Z model are characterized by a narrow grain composition, fragmented particle shape, and high rheological activity.


The capacity may vary depending on the physical and mechanical properties of the processed material. To be clarified.
General view of disintegrator HORIZON – 380Z see in operation manual.
Parameters Values
Capacity, m3/h 1-5*
Rated power, kW 29.5
Dimensions (L×B×H), mm 1527×1297×644**
Weight, kg 650
Power supply voltage, V 380
Feed size, max. mm 20
Rotors arrangement horizontally coaxial
Rotating direction counter motion

Factory warranty and service

For TECHPRIBOR, the cooperation with Customer does not finish after shipment of equipment. Together with crushers, mills or conveyors, our Clients receive not only effective up-to-date production “tools”, but also confidence in the future. All serial production equipment manufactured in TECHPRIBOR plant is supported by a constantly restocked warehouse with spare parts and consumables. Our Clients know that no matter what happens, the downtime of the equipment will be minimal, because all the necessary spare parts are always in the warehouse of TECHPRIBOR factory!

Disintegrator "HORIZON-380Z" Operational documentation. User manual. Passport.

Design of disintegrator


Rotation of electric motors (5, 6) is transmitted via V-belt transmission covered by protective guards (7, 8) to driving shafts installed in cast bearing housings (9, 10).

On the driving shafts, there are working parts of disintegrator: large and small rotor-impellers. The impellers are disks (11) with inclined grooves into which replaceable impact elements are installed – wear-resistant vanes (12). The inclined grooves on the disk surface are arranged along concentric circles, so that one row of impact elements (small impeller) fits inside the other (large impeller). Such design of rotor-impellers provides an effective dispersal of the crushed material particles by the vanes of small impeller and their discharge in the direction of the vanes of large impeller moving in the opposite direction. Having received an impact, the particles are destroyed, and their fragments are ejected from the grinding chamber by air flow through the lower discharge window of the disintegrator.

To simplify the maintenance of rotor-impellers, the body of disintegrator HORIZON-380Z is made detachable. The movable part of the body, together with the electric motor and belt drive, can be moved along the frame guides, providing easy access to the grinding chamber.

Disintegrator HORIZON - 380Z mounted on a frame
Disintegrator HORIZON - 380Z mounted on a frame
View of a large rotor-impeller with inclined vanes
View of a large rotor-impeller with inclined vanes
View of the bearing housing of the large rotor-impeller
View of the bearing housing of the large rotor-impeller


When creating the disintegrator of the HORIZON-380Z model, the TECHPRIBOR specialists used a number of original technical solutions aimed at improving the performance of grinding equipment, increasing its reliability, grinding power and economy. A short list of the main advantages of disintegrator HORIZON - 380Z approves the abovementioned statement:

Z-movement of particles of crushed materials. The design of rotor-impellers of disintegrator HORIZON - 380Z allows creating a narrowly directed stream of particles of the crushed material, the angle of departure of the material is equal to the angle of the generatrix of the impact vanes of the small impeller. The vanes of large impeller have a reverse slope, particles colliding with them are destroyed and their fragments are thrown into the grinding chamber. Using the Z-movement configuration for motion of crushed material particles allows increasing the grinding force of the disintegrator, enhancing its performance and reducing the abrasive wear of the working elements.

Z-diagram of particle motion

It is generally believed that in disruptors, or as they are called pin mills, particles of crushed material moving from the Central part of the rotor to the periphery, consistently crossing the path of movement of the rows of teeth (pins, beat, etc.). At the same time as removal of particles from the center of the intensity of breaking increases as the linear speed of the fingers increases along with the increase of the diameter of the row on which they are installed. A simplified scheme of material movement inside the disintegrator rotors looks like this: the mineral particles colliding with the fingers of the first row are destroyed, and their fragments fly out to meet the moving fingers of the second row, then the third, and so on until the resulting powder is thrown into the space of the disintegrator body (Fig.1). However, in reality, a significant number of particles (according to various estimates up to 50%), after receiving a blow, are reflected not to the next row of fingers, but to the previous one. The results of this "reverse" movement of a part of the material are: reduced productivity of the disintegrator, accelerated abrasive wear of the rotors and fingers, high energy consumption for grinding.


In the HORIZON-380Z disintegrator, the particles of the crushed material move differently (Fig. 2). When they collide with the blades of a small rotor-impeller that have a forward tilt relative to their direction of rotation, a flow with clear boundaries is formed, which is ejected tangentially to the trajectory of the rotor-impeller. The collision of particles with the blades of a large rotor-impeller moving in the opposite direction occurs at an angle close to 90 < sup>o< / sup> to the normal, which reduces the removal of metal from the surface of the blades, and therefore their abrasive wear. After impact, fragments of particles also in the form of narrowly directed flows descend from the surface of the blades of the large rotor-impeller and are thrown into the space of the grinding chamber.


The number of backward or "reverse" particles that negatively affect the operation of the disintegrator remains minimal in all sections of the Z-flow diagram, which improves the performance of the HORIZON-380Z model disintegrators.

Rigid enclosure and spatial frame. When the disintegrator operates under heavy loads, significant stresses arise, which in some cases can lead to deformation of metal. The body of disintegrator HORIZON - 380Z is connected with the platforms for installation of electric motors by special load-bearing elements, jointly they form a powerful spatial frame that perfectly resists all types of loads that arise during operation of the equipment.

The belt drive dampens vibrations, makes the operation of the disintegrator “softer”. It protects electric motors from overloads. By replacing the pulleys, it possible to choose a rotation speed of the rotors, and hence the proper impact speed, more optimal for processing a particular type of raw material.

Disintegrators of HORIZON series ® - the best wins when compared!

Serial production from 2005

Patents and Certificates

 Disintegrators of HORIZON series comply with the requirements of Technical Regulation of Customs Union TR CU 010/2011 “On the Safety of Machines and Equipment”. (Declaration of conformity EAES No. RU Д-RU.МО10.В.06271 dated. 23.03.2018.)

Unique design solutions used to create the disintegrator of HORIZON-380Z model are covered by RF patent for utility model No. 80773.

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