About company

Office building of company “Techpribor” is located at Pirogova St. 43, Shchekino
Headquarters of company “Techpribor” in Shchekino
Technical director of the company
Lipilin Alexander Borisovich
Key specialist of the company
Weksler Maxim Vladimirovich
Production manager of the company
Korenyugina Natalya Viktorovna

The machine building company “Techpribor” was founded in 1999 on the basis of district production association “Selchoztechnika”.

In a short period of time the new organization acquired the deserved reputation of a reliable business partner, which can meet different challenges in the sphere of production of nonstandard equipment (optional equipment), machines and mechanisms, development of engineering process and adaptation of recent achievements to the conditions of mass production.

The machine building company “Techpribor” designs, produces and supplies complete line of manufacturing equipment for mineral raw materials processing, waste recycling, production of graded materials, fine-grained powder and mechanical cement activation.

In production equipment line there are both separate technological units, and modular complexes of high readiness level, allowing to solve effectively problems of crushing - grinding, transportation - classification, increase of useful properties - activation, mixing – dispersion of various materials in the most rational way.

Own design office, laboratory of building materials, and also test base of the company, allow not only to produce the newest models of the process equipment technically impeccable, but also to approve innovative technical and technological decisions in the conditions of real manufacture.

Design office of “Techpribor” company has developed and started the production chain of such well-known models of equipment as: disintegrators “HORIZON”® (registered trademark), impactive crushers “WADER”, lever vibropress “ILYA MUROMETS”, concrete mixers “Scout- Mixer” and etc. Some original constructions are protected by patents.

Active use of modern methods of the in-depth computer analysis and modelling in development works provides absolutely new possibilities of operative work with the customer, offering each time only the most rational technical decisions taking into consideration peculiarity of definite manufacture.

Regular participation in specialized exhibitions and conferences, own reports and publications allow experts of company “Techpribor” to be well informed about the advanced tendencies of development of building sector enterprises, chemical and mining industry, offering to customers only the most effective decisions of crushing, grinding and mechanical activation problems.

“Techpribor” today is a dynamically developing company, successful industrial activity of which is based, first of all, on joining of scientific, technical and industrial efforts directed on gaining the best results.