Catalogue of equipment

Complete solutions for grinding, mechanical activation and classification of particulate and powder materials

Impactive-centrifugal ball mill-classifier (UCSHMK) “TRIBOKINETIKA-1000” Aggregate mill-separator with the systems of graduated loading, aspiration and output of product of grinding “DIP-CLASS - 9000” Grinding-mixing complexes with the systems of aspiration and production output “TORUS – STREAM - 4500”
Stationary crushing-sorting aggregate “DSK-15” on the basis of impactor “SMD-10 WADER”    

Equipment for crushing, grinding, mechanical activation and classification

Disintegrator “HORIZON – DOMINATOR – 9.5”® Disintegrator of wet grinding of the model “HORIZON – 3000 MK-VA”® Shredder – disintegrator of the model “HORIZON – 300/4500 – 7.5 ”®
Shredder – disintegrator of “HORIZON”® series Impeller mill “IM-450”
Aggregate “IM-450 K”
Impactor of the model “SMD – 5 Wader”
Impactor of the model “SMD – 10 Wader” Impactive-reflecting crushers “DUO – WADER - 4x2 Reverse” Impactive-reflecting crushers “DUO – WADER - 4x4 Double Rotor”
Impactor of secondary and fine crushing “WADER - 3000” Vibrating screen “VGM – 800/1700”  

Equipment for mixing, pressure feed, filtration and regulation

Screw conveyor of the models “VK” and “VKPO” Screw conveyor of fabrication of the model “VKPO – 345 Special series” Belt conveyer rolling channeled of “LK - 500” type
Pneumatic transport complex “BOREY-350” Apron feeder “PPS-500” Disc rotary shutter DS - 260
Universal packers of the models “FSHO-8/150” and “FSHO-8/750” Rotary shutters of the models “BARRIER – HERMETIC 4.6”, “BARRIER – HERMETIC 9.2” Rotary shutters for work with abrasive materials of the models “BARRIER – 14/55” and “BARRIER – 23/100”

Equipment for mixing, vibrocompression and vibroforming

вибропресс ВП-5 бетоносмесители серии Скаут-Миксер
Electromechanical vibropress VP – 5 “ILYA MUROMETS” Concrete mixers of “SCOUT - MIXER” series Mixing bloc BS – 375
Rotor-forming machines “ROLLERPRESS” for production of locking well rings