Test crushing of the materials
Laboratory research of the materials

To provide maximum efficient working of technological equipment “Techpribor” offers following kinds of works and services for the potential customers:

Test crushing, grinding, classification of customer’s materials (carried out free of charge*) and a full cycle of laboratory researches of the received product with conclusion of standard pattern (carried out charged).

The main aim of test crushing, grinding and classification, and also laboratory researches of the materials given by the customer, is:

  1. Properties testing of source material (raw material), specification of possibilities of its productive processing and activation, testing of optimum condition of the listed operations;
  2. Working out of recommendations for maximum effective use of crushing, grinding and classifying equipment, produced by “Techpribor”, separate technological elements general linear group;
  3. Granting to the customer of actual working results of crushing, grinding and classifying equipment to define the expediency of its use.

* Test crushing, grinding, classification of the materials given by the customer, is carried out free of charge, only if the received product will not be used for further commercial use.

Test crushing, grinding, classification of customer’s materials is implemented in the production plant of the machine-building company “Techpribor”, laboratory researches of source material and received product are implemented in the production plant of building laboratory “Tulaorgtechstroy”, with use of up-to-the-minute measuring equipment.

Accreditation of GOSSTROY of Russia (accreditation certificate № РОСС.RU.0001.21 СЛ 84 March, 16th, 2006) allows building laboratory “Tulaorgtechstroy” to participate in certification of major items of building production. Having a wide data system of the newest building materials and building chemistry, laboratory “Tulaorgtechstroy” consults customers on choice of the most effective technological decisions in manufacture of building materials and carrying out repair-building, finishing works, protection and waterproofing of building constructions (consultations are charged). 

To make test crushing, grinding, classification and further laboratory researches 50-100 kg of source material (raw material) and presence of the customer’s representative are required. The conclusion about results of laboratory researches and expediency of technological equipment use of “Techpribor” production is implemented at the enterprise of the customer upon completion of works.

The list of works offered by the building laboratory Public Corporation “Tulaorgtechstroy”

  1. Testing of fineness of cement grinding. Fineness of cement grinding is a characteristic of its disperse and it can be expressed by:
    • Mass fraction of remains on the redresser sieve
    • Value of cement powder specific area
  2. Testing of cement activity;
  3. Testing of granulometry of powder materials (cement for example) using laser diffraction-type microanalyzer in the range of 0,31-300 microns;
  4. Testing of building mortars and dry mixtures on all the highlights of physical-mechanical factors;
  5. Testing of adhesive material strength;
  6. Design of dry mixtures, concretes and mortars with additive-modifiers;
  7. Examination of concrete samples on strength, abradability, water absorption and freeze resistance and etc.;
  8. Testing of materials heat conduction, loose materials inclusive

To receive detailed consultations concerning test crushing, grinding, classification, and also carrying out of laboratory researches and working out of technical documentation, contact our industrial engineer of “Techpribor” company  Korenyugina Natalya Viktorovna by phone 8-905-626-93-07.