Apron feeder “PPS-500”

General information

Apron feeders were designed for uniform and regulated feed of loose and lump materials from feed bin to crushing aggregates and transporters of different types.

The transporting cloth of apron feeders is a closed circuit, consisting of plates which are connected hingedly. The productivity of feeders is regulated at the expense of cloth speed changing and size of bin outlet. The transporting cloth is activated with drive sprocket; direction and chain supporting are implemented with the shaped rolls. To regulate the cloth tension the screw mechanism of back sprocket movement is used.

The machine-building company “Techpribor” produces apron feeders of the model “PPS-500”, which can provide the receiving of material into the feed bin from loaders and dump trucks, uniform delivery with specific volume flow, regulated equipment loading with productivity of 20 TPH.

Configuration, technical characteristics, operating principle

Apron feeder “PPS-500” consists of frame-basis (1) , feed bin (2), transporting cloth (3), drive sprocket (4), supporting rolls (5), back sprocket (6), motor-reducer (7), device of bin outlet opening regulation (8) and delivery case (9).

After the drive of transporting cloth is switched on loose or lump material is moved with the bucket loader into the feed bin of feeder. The cloth plates drag grains or separate lumps of material and move them to the outlet hole. You can regulate volume material flow on the transporting cloth by increasing or decreasing of the lifting height of outlet hole lock. Fine regulation of feeder productivity is provided at the expense of changing of drive sprocket rotation frequency. Movable material leaves the feed bin of apron feeder and through the case of delivery goes to a mill, crushing-sorting aggregate or transport unit.

Technical characteristics of apron feeder “PPS-500”

Characteristics Measuring unit Characteristic value
Overall dimensions (L×B×H) mm 2506×1659×2000
Weight kg 1800
Load height mm 2000
Installed capacity kW 1.1
Cloth speed m/min 0.5
Peak torque N*m 4500
Cloth width mm 500
Maximum lump size mm 200
Productivity TPH 20*
Volume of feed bin m3 1.3

* Productivity of feeder depends on physical-mechanical characteristics of movable material

Delivery set of apron feeder “PPS-500”

Name Quantity
Apron feeder with feed bin on frame, pcs 1
Control panel with frequency reformer 1
Registration certificate. Operating manual 1
Set of spare parts, pcs 1

Technical features and competitive advantages

Transporting cloth of apron feeder

The apron feeder of the model “PPS-500” has simple enough and at the same time very rational design each element of which is thought over thoroughly and works on improvement of operational characteristics of the equipment, simplification of its maintenance service.

To achieve these purposes the machine-building company “Techpribor” used a variety of original technical decisions.

Short list of the basic advantages of the apron feeder “PPS-500” allows being convinced of it:

  1. Special form of plates of a transport cloth - for reliable gearing of grains or pieces of movable material. Always uniform feeding of a material at the expense of cloth slip reduction;
  2. Space frame - for simplification of feeder installation, reduction of time of its commissioning. New configuration possibilities of technological lines of crushing, grinding, classification, transportation;
  3. Feed bin - for reception of a material from loaders and dump trucks. In base complete set the bin is equipped with a device of adjustment of bin outlet opening;
  4. Powerful motor-reducer of the main drive - for more efficiency of feeding and confident start under “blockage”;
  5. Electro-starting equipment and frequency-controlled drive - for trouble-free operation and high precision of dosing in a base complete set.

Integrated support before and after sale

Being the developer and the producer of equipment for complex processing of stone materials, the machine-building company “Techpribor” is capable not only to offer the customer standard decisions, but also to develop and to make the original equipment, completely corresponding to the industrial-engineering requirements of a definite enterprise.

Irrespective of, whether the apron feeder “PPS-500” is used for mill loading or it is integrated into the crushing and sorting complex, each model is provided with integrated service and technical support which begin already from the moment of the analysis of customer’s requirements and working out of the most efficient schemes of feeding, crushing and sorting.

Principles of cooperation with the customers, based on an individual approach in the decision of the most difficult manufacturing problems, constantly give their positive results, strengthening the reputation of the machine-building company “Techpribor” as the reliable business partner capable not only to offer, but also to realize the most courageous projects.