Impeller mill “IM-450”
Aggregate “IM-450 K”

General information

Impeller mill “IM-450” produced by the machine-building company “Techpribor” belongs to crushing equipment of impactive-abrasive action and is used for fine grinding of mineral raw materials of small abrasivity and also for processing of small-sized fibrous wastes of organic origin.

Thanks to the built in device of particles classification according to their sizes, the mill “IM-450” allows to receive the product of grinding of specified grain structure without using the additional equipment of powder separation.

Main principle of material crushing in the mill “IM-450” is self-crushing of particles as a result of their impacts in air stream. Located in the grinding chamber rotor-impeller twists the stream giving to particles vortical movement. Under the influence of prevailing centrifugal force large particles are being thrown on periphery of the grinding chamber where they form a layer of intensive self-crushing. The particles which have reached the demanded sizes are being forced to the centre of impeller and deduced from the mill through the delivery window of product of grinding.

On the base of impeller mill was created the crushing aggregate of high level readiness “IM-450 K”. The aggregate besides the impeller mill includes: a frame, a control panel, a conveyor-feeder with a feed bin, a cyclone-discharger, a rotary shutter.

Configuration, operating principle, technical characteristics

Impeller mill “IM-450” (Figure 1) consists of a case (1), a stretcher (2) on which the electric motor (3) is established, rotation from which is transferred to a drive shaft by means of V-belt drive (4). The drive shaft serves for installation of a rotor-impeller (5). Grinding mechanisms of the mill are wear-resistant plates located on the working disk of rotor-impeller. The crushing chamber is formed by the case (1) and the wing door (6). On the back panel of the case the bearing support (7), and also a connecting pipe of feed (8) are established. The delivery window (9) of products of grinding is located on the door of the mill case.

The consequence of high intensity interaction of material particles in grinding chamber is its heating. For effective heat removal the case of impeller mill “IM-450” has three water cooling circuits. The supply of cooling liquid is carried out through connecting pipes which are located on the wing door and the mill.

Figure 1

Technical characteristics of impeller mill “IM-450”

Characteristics Meaning of characteristics
Quantity of rotors 1
Position of drive shaft horizontal
Rotation frequency of rotor, revolutions per minute 4500
Productivity, m3ph 0.5-3*
Installed capacity, kW 30
Maximum allowed size of crushing material particles, mm, not more than 20
Hardness of processed material according to Mohs scale, not more than 3
Overall dimensions (L×B×H), mm 1172×798×719
Weight, kg 650

* Approximate data. Practical productivity of the mill at processing of specified kind of the material is established by practical experience, proceeding from physical-mechanical properties of the given material

The aggregate “IM-450 K” (Figure 2) consists of impeller mill “IM-450” (1), a spatial frame (2), a screw conveyor-feeder (3) with a feed bin (4), a collector (5) with a disk shutter (6) regulation of air consumption, a cyclone-discharger (7), rotary shutter (8), the regulation device of milling fineness (9) and a control panel (is not shown provisionally).

Figure 2

The crushable material is loaded into the feed bin of the screw conveyor-feeder and moves in a collector. The volume material flow (Q - feeder) is set from a control panel with aggregate work.

In the collector the material is picked up with the air stream formed by the rotating rotor-impeller, and moves into the grinding chamber for crushing. Material particles through delivery window are taken out into the cyclone-discharger and separated from a bearing air stream. Exhaust air leaves the cyclone through the top connecting pipe while the grinding product settles in the bottom part of the cyclone and is unloaded with the lock shutter.

Technical characteristics of the aggregate “IM-450 K”

Characteristics Meaning of characteristics
Supply voltage, V 380
Productivity, m3ph 0.5-3*
Installed capacity, kW 35
Dosing of loading material volumetric
Quantity of feeders 1**
Overall dimensions (L×B×H), mm 3712×1125×2598

* Approximate data. Practical productivity of the aggregate at processing of specified kind of the material is established by practical experience, proceeding from physical-mechanical properties of the given material

** It is possible to produce the aggregate with other technical characteristics

Integrated support before and after sale

Being the developer and the producer of equipment for work with powder materials, the machine-building company “Techpribor” is capable not only to offer the customer standard decisions, but also to develop and to make the original equipment, completely corresponding to the industrial-engineering requirements of a definite enterprise.

Irrespective of, whether the impeller mill “IM-450” is used as separate unit or it is integrated into the processing complex, each model is provided with integrated service and technical support which begin already from the moment of the analysis of customer’s requirements and working out of the most efficient schemes of fine grinding and classification.

Principles of cooperation with the customers, based on an individual approach in the decision of the most difficult manufacturing problems, constantly give their positive results, strengthening the reputation of company “Techpribor” as the reliable business partner capable not only to offer, but also to realize the most courageous projects.