Universal packers of the models “FSHO-8/150” and “FSHO-8/750”

General information

The main element of any manufacture of packaged powder materials is the unit of dosing. Namely on the accurate doser work depends how much effectively and precisely in terms of volume or weight a product before its sending to a consumer will be packaged. Therefore the choice of a packer is very important and responsible case. After all incorrectly selected or technically unreliable packer is capable to affect work of all technological line, being the reason of its low productivity, frequent stopping and repairs.

The packer of the model “FSHO” developed by the machine-building company “TECHPRIBOR” is a concept embodiment of universal units of the highest level reliability, completely adapted for specific conditions of a domestic powder materials production. The new sight at dosing process, work of packer  units and mechanisms have allowed to create an aggregate non-failure operation of which is provided not only with the electronic blocking and rigid requirements on maintenance service, but even more at the expense of optimization of its design free from "heritage" of traditional systems.

The result of such approach is the creation of universal machine of the model “FSHO” which allows:

  1. To pack the most various materials, including high abrasive, particulate, difficultly aerated, fragile materials;
  2. To refuse of using the mechanical shutters blocking stream of material output from the machine and subject to intensive deterioration;
  3. Will provide reasonable accuracy and high speed of packing;
  4. To refuse of using the compressed air and compressor equipment;
  5. To make packing of materials not only in sewed bags, but also to fill soft containers Big Bag;
  6. To lower speed of a supercharger rotation at 10-20 times in comparison with the machines of similar purpose, having increased considerably its resource even at packing of high abrasive materials;
  7. To offer the customer one of the most economically sound variants of the unit of loose materials packing organization.

Operating principle and technical characteristics

The universal packer of the model “FSHO” represents the module of high level readiness, simultaneously carrying out functions of filling containers and dosing of loose materials.

The material moves into bags forcibly under pressure which is produced by vertical auger with variable diameter and blade spacing. The auger drive is started up by the motor-reducer (1) which is located in the top part of feed bin (2). The top blades induce the material, not allowing it to become caked, and the bottom ones provide its uniform delivery.

In the bottom of the auger shaft a cutoff plate is installed which prevents material from descent after the auger stops rotating. Progressive spiral winding allows providing high level of intercoil space filling, so the accuracy of dosing and high efficiency of the packing machine is provided. In the bottom part of bin a connecting pipe of material delivery (3) and the device of bag mouth clip (4) are located.

Technical characteristics of universal packer “FSHO-8/150”

Name of a characteristic Measuring unit Meaning
Productivity of auger unit, up to m3ph 8*
Installed capacity, not more than kW 1.1
Electric power supply V/Hz 380/50
Overall dimensions mm 1050×1050×1403
Maximum dosing limit l 100
Minimum dosing limit l 10
Rotation frequency of feed screw revolutions per minute 56*
Volume of bin m3 0.15*
Weight kg 170

* It is possible to design a packer with other technical characteristics

Video about packing of bags on the universal packer “FSHO – 8/750”

Integrated support before and after sale

Each packer of the model “FSHO” is provided with integrated service and technical support which begin already from the moment of the analysis of customer’s requirements and working out of the most rational schemes of transportation, dosing, packing, warehousing taking into account conditions of certain manufacture.

Within the bounds of the post-warranty service program, experts of the machine-building company “Techpribor” provide the all-out support of a customer on questions, concerning the most productive use of packers “FSHO” in manufacture.